Dr. Ivar van Heijningen

Dr van Heijningen is plastic surgeon and works in the AZ Zeno hospitals of Knokke and Blankenberge where he does a multitude of procedures. He is the chairman of the operating room commitee, and member of the patient safety committee and quality assurance committee.

He was trained in the Netherlands, Belgium and visited the United States for additional training.
Duinbergen Clinic is very happy that he choose to start his private practice here. Especially since he values to inform his patients extensively. He takes his time to explain all possible options so that you can find which choice is best for you in your particular circumstance.

His membership of reknowned professional societies such as the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery, the Netherlands Society for Plastic Surgery, the American Society for Plastic Surgery and the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ISAPS) prove his eloquence. He was appointed secretary of the Belgian chapter of ISAPS, and was asked to chair the membership committee, join the Eductional council as regional representative and be part of the patient safety committee. ICOPLAST asked him to join their Patient Safety committee as well. He initiated two European Standards in 2009 which has led to EN 16372 Aesthetic Surgery Services published in 2015 and EN 16844 Aesthetic Medicine, non-surgical procedures published in 2017. The European Association of Aesthetic Surgery Societies appointed him president-elect. He is a board member of RBSPS as well.

He is often asked to present both nationally and Internationally. Since 2015 he annually organises the successful ISAPS Aesthetic Dissection course in Liege with prof. Nizet.

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